Sunday, March 27, 2011

"La droite prend une tannée"

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, reacting à chaud to the first results of the cantonal elections: "La droite prend une tannée." The announcer on France Culture described this language as "très mélenchoniste," but to my ear it sounds like a direct translation of what Barack Obama said about the Democrats last November: "We took a shellacking." The only difference is that Obama was describing his own party's failure, while Mélenchon is describing his enemy's failure. Early signs are that the UMP has done very badly indeed, and this will lead to calls for Sarkozy to step aside as candidate in 2012. The mood in the Élysée tonight must be rather dark. À suivre.

UPDATE: Le Monde 
Le PS a recueilli 35,05 % des voix au second tour des élections cantonales dimanche, devant l'UMP (18,89 %), tandis que le Front national en a récolté 10,01 %, selon les premières estimations du ministère de l'Intérieur.

Symbolic FN losses: Louis Aliot, Marine Le Pen's compagnon, and Steeve Birois, another party heavyweight, both lost. It seems that UMP voters stayed home and did not vote for these FN leaders.


Anonymous said...

That 10% is misleading: where the FN had candidates, their average is around 35-40%.... In fact, all results point to an increase in both percentage and number for the FN candidates. Some speculated that the 1st round vote was a "protest" vote that wasn't intended as a "serious" indication of policy - in fact many voters went and voted to state that yes, indeed, they want what the FN wants, they weren't just "envoyer un message".

UMP got whupped though. Mam's département switches to the left, as do Fillon's and Copé's! Balkany, Sarkozy's friend, seems to have lost.
The whupping is so bad that a rumor is running: Hauts de Seine switched too. (I'll believe it when the Intérieur will have confirmed it !)

Anonymous said...

Copé just called the UMP "à l'unité", which suspiciously sounds like all hell is breaking loose.
About half UMP in Congress would be at risk if the current voting map holds: 150 UMP députés may be voted out in 2012. They would rock the boat, especially if they didn't agree with Sarkozy's direction in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Jean Marie Le Pen lets loose:
"L'Afrique doit se réjouir, c'est la victoire des primates", JM Le Pen en réponse à Goasguen qui traitait le FN de "parti de primates"
Unless I misunderstand, that means
Goasguen (UMP): the FN is a bunch of apes
Le Pen's reply:
"Africa must be happy then, it's the Apes' victory"