Monday, March 7, 2011

Marine Beats Them All

Even DSK. Time to get to work, French political class. (h/t MYOS)


Kirk said...

On the one hand, this kind of poll means nothing at this stage of the game. On the other hand, it does show that Marine is able to be the proverbial "lipstick on a pig," and that she's making the whole far right trip more respectable.

What I find funny is the socialists' common comment that Sarkozy is going after FN voters. They can't say that any more, because if it were true (I don't believe any voters "belong" to any party) he'd be well in the lead.

Anyway, 14 months out, they're going to be running this polls every week, if not more often, and this is going to get stale very quickly.

Cincinna said...

To Kirk. I agree. Polling, especially interactive polling 14 months before an election tells us l
little. It does, if it is not an out-lire tell us Sarko has a monumental task ahead if he want to be re-elected.
 The Left makes a huge error in demonizing & conflating Sarko w. the xenophobic neo-Nazi neo-fascist le Pens. 
 Jean-Marie le Pen runs the show. Marine is just his puppet.
  Nobody ever accused them of not
 being clever politicians.
 She has given a facelift to old, hate-filled ideas.  Your analogy about "putting lipstick on a pig" is apt, but an insult to pigs! More acceptable, less crude & vulgar on the surface, but deep down, they are both anti-Semites, hate America & are not free market  conservatives, but Statists who believe in govt control of everything, far closer to true fascism than to the traditional Right.
 A wolf in sheep's clothing, or in this case, high heels, is still a wolf , & still dangerous!
   A bit of serious investigative reporting by French journalists would show that le Pen has always formed alliances, financial & political, with extremist Far Right & skinhead groups in Europe & with Islamists extremists in France  & abroad. 
Didn't Hitler form alliances with Arab states & the Moslem Brotherhood during WWII? For money, yes. Shared ideology, yes. 
  But never forget they share a common perceived enemy- the Jews.