Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mélenchon Assesses the Cantonales

Front de Gauche : Conf. de presse 1er tour... by lepartidegauche

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brent said...

It is notable that while JLM and the FdG call for republican solidarity with the PS and EELV to exclude the FN wherever possible, the UMP's (revised) position, as stated by Fillon, goes less far: he fears to "constrain" his voters to support "far-left" candidates, and thus encourages abstention. The implication here is clearly to marginalize the FdG, as though it were the Left's anti-republican other, and thus symmetrical to the FN. But where is the truth in this? The conflict in 'values' with the FN is well-known (tolerance, solidarity, etc.). But where does the FdG part ways with republican 'values' (as opposed to 'ideas,' of which the PS could perhaps use a fresh supply)?