Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mon Dieu!


Dans un sondage Harris Interactive à paraître dimanche dans Le Parisien, la présidente du Front National réalise un score jamais atteint dans les intentions de vote pour l'élection présidentielle de 2012. Elle passe ainsi en tête au premier tour pour la première fois, avec 23% des voix. Derrière elle, Nicolas Sarkozy et Martine Aubry sont au coude-à-coude (21%). 

(h/t MYOS)


MAD said...

What a reality check. Food for thought for Sarko.

Won, Philippe et Raphael said...

Sarkosy 's strategy: push the FN high in the poll, and present himself as the only one able to prevent the FN to reach will see, in several months, polls will show that eventuality of Lepen vs Socialist candidate in final round it will be 50-50%...but Lepen vs Sarko will show Sarko winner....
polls are a tool to manipulate votes....

Anonymous said...

Won, Philipe et Raphael, I doubt this would work. The basic reaction among those who don't want Sarko or MLP around me, including DDVillepin supporters, is "if that's the choice, I just won't vote".
(Someone on the extreme left actually said "they're the same and we've already had sarko, so I'd try MLP if I were to vote, plus, just to stick it to him." Ask around you if you have FG/NPA/LO friends.)
I haven't heard ONE person equate "voter sarko" v. MLP in 2012 as the equivalent of voting for chirac in 2002.
I don't think it'd be the wise choice for UMP but as Art noticed, with a counselor whose goal was to bridge the divide between democratic right and non-democratic right,

Anonymous said...

... sorry, sent w/o end of sentence:
with a counselor whose goal was to bridge the divide between democratic right and non-democratic right, "wisdom" might be within Sarko's embrace right now.

Cincinna said...

"interactive" i.e. Internet polls are completely unreliable. They aren't even the "snapshot in time" that scientific polls are.meant to be.
There exists a system of
methodology and weighting in real polling.
Any poll 14 months before an election is meaningless.

Cincinns said...

There is undeniably a real problem with the growth of Radical Islam in France, as in the rest of the world. The le Pens, pere et fille, offer no acceptable solution to this very real and complex problem.
Marine le Pen is her father in drag. She has no experience, & shares the same Statist, anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-free trade & individual liberty racist & xenophobic ideas of her neo-fascist Hitler loving Holocoast denying father. Don't ever confuse American Conservatism with the neo-fascist le Pens.