Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No Boon for Marine

Well, maybe Sarkozy and Copé won't call upon the French to vote for the PS rather than the FN, but Dany Boon, who is more popular than either, will. To be sure, Marine Le Pen was ready with one of her patented one-liners, in which she remarked that artists who make their money in France go and hide it elsewhere to avoid French taxes. Dany Boon isn't Johnny Hallyday, but, hey, why inhibit yourself with the truth when you can score points with slanderous inuendo.


Anonymous said...

Not sure it was a smart move since Boon brought fame and some pride to the destitute 'chti' area - it's kinda like what Eminem did for Detroit, and taking him on when Le Pen's turf is now that of Boon's may not be very productive. Couldn't she resist the jibe or does she fear the "Boon appeal" enough that she couldn't just have let it pass relatively unnoticed instead of making it bigger?

Cincinna said...

Marine le Pen may be up to the old tricks of the FN.

Why not Johnny Hallyday? He isn't even really French by le Pen standards.
Dany Boon happens to be Jewish. married to a Jewish woman. He converted to Judaism in 2002.
Dany Boon is the highest paid actor in European film history, earning 26 million Euro ($ 33 million) in 2008

I don't believe in coincidence, but let's see where this fast talking daughter of a Holocoast denier goes from here.

An interesting article on the possible MLP v DSK duel. A Far Right extremist anti-Semite against a Socialist who is Jewish.


Anonymous said...

What was it like when the FN was in charge somewhere?
Two video (actual newsreels)...