Thursday, March 10, 2011

No Primary?

Marine Le Pen certainly has stood the political world on its head. The latest aftershock of the Harris poll earthquake has hit the Socialist Party. Many voices that once called for a primary as a way to resolve internal differences and head into the presidential elections with a united front are now saying that the party needs to get its act together at once, even if it means dispensing with the primaries and rallying around a single candidate as soon as possible.

I'm afraid that the decision to put off a decision as long as possible now appears to have been a major blunder, but I'm not sure that dispensing with the primary will go down well at this point. It was presented as a democratic move, so a return to the smoke-filled room will inevitably seem anti-democratic. And I suspect that within the smoke-filled room, disunity is greater than it is outside. Which of these outsized egos will step aside in the name of party unity? Who can promise what to whom? In any case, panic seems to be spreading everywhere.

ADDENDUM: Laurent Joffrin on the same subject.


Massilian said...

S'il n'y avait pas les socialistes, le socialisme gouvernerait le monde entier.
G.B. Shaw

Anonymous said...

Excellent post!
I can't believe they'd do that and still hope to win an election. Seriously, it's been voted, announced, discussed. And for someone's comfort, they'd cancel it?
If DSK is so attached to his personal comfort, he shouldn't run.
As for the poll, it's clearly a pretext and it's so transparent it's disgusting. All they've got in response to the fact Le Pen junior is gaining credibility and respectability is "let's make it about DSK"? Seriously?