Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sarko Gives History Lesson on Holocaust

Alexandre Jardin, a novelist and grandson of Jean Jardin, who was Pierre Laval's chief of staff during the Occupation, has written a book indicting his grandfather for complicity in the deportation of French Jews. This has caused a furor in France (which totally escaped my notice until KirkMc called it to my attention--thanks!). Some claim that Jardin has little evidence against his grandfather, but Nicolas Sarkozy apparently disagrees. Here is Jardin's account of a recent lunch with the president:

"A few weeks ago I found myself around a table at the Elysée with [French President Nicolas] Sarkozy, at a lunch with three writers and a journalist and a historian," Mr. Jardin recounts. "The historian suddenly said to me: 'But you don't have a lot of proof against your grandfather; [Mr.] Sarkozy got up out of his chair, cut her off and said 'Madame, I have had a lot of chiefs of staff.' He gave her a lesson explaining that a chief of staff was nothing like a government departmental head. It was evident listening to [Mr.] Sarkozy that the prime minister's chief of staff could not but be intimately associated with the decision.

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