Monday, March 28, 2011

Sarko Lashes Out

The president is unhappy with centrists, like Borloo, whom he accuses of not having fought hard for a rightist victory in the cantonal elections, and with one of his own, Christian Estrosi, who spoke yesterday of a "failure" of the UMP owing to a faulty "line and strategy." That remark was aimed squarely at Sarko by one of his own former ministers--a minister whom I once baptized here le roi des cons. But I must now take this designation back. Estrosi deserves credit for saying openly what many in the UMP are saying privately: that Sarkozy has led them straight into the wall, and many are now looking at their own elimination in 2012. The gallows concentrates the mind, and Estrosi's mind seems to have been positively illuminated. Being sacked in the last remaniement also probably helped him discover his inner light. So he is no longer le roi des cons. That honor now belongs to Claude Guéant, the interior minister with three left feet, who had the brilliant idea of characterizing French action in Libya as a "crusade." Thanks to M. Guéant for making it easy to decide on a successor to M. Estrosi.

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