Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The man formerly known as the "hyperprésident" is looking more and more anemic every day. His security bill has just been shredded by centrist deputies, and now they, along with others from the UMP, look like they're going to block another signature proposal, the abolition of the ISF, or tax on wealth. Sarkozy's idea was to get rid of the ISF and replace with a tax on unrealized capital gains. If this idea sounds loufoque, farfelue, and époustouflante, well, that's because it is, and the Sarkobluff has now been called:

" Ubuesque et intenable " : à l'image de Jean Arthuis, président (Union centriste) de la commission des finances du Sénat, ce scénario de taxation des plus-values latentes est quasi unanimement rejeté par les élus de la majorité. " Quand on se rendra compte de ce que l'on veut faire, on reculera, car on sera effrayé. Cela ne tient pas debout ", appuie Philippe Marini, rapporteur général (UMP) du budget au Sénat.
At this rate, Sarkozy's final year and a half will be as hypoprésidentielle as his first year and a half were hyper. He will propose and the majority in the Assembly will dispose as it sees fit. Before long the Right will look as incoherent as the Left. Indeed, it already does.

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Scaramanga said...

Sorry for this piece of pedantry, but
"époustouflant" is quite a positive term, and would be best translated as "amazing" or "breathtaking" - instead of "baffling", which you seemed to have in mind.
As in :
"Le Barça bat Arsenal grâce à une nouvelle performance époustouflante de Lionel Messi".