Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sur le fond

Henri Weber gives a substantive response to the FN's economic program:

Après neuf années de gouvernement de droite, la France souffre d'un déficit annuel de sa balance commerciale de 53 milliards d'euros, et d'une dette publique de 1 500 milliards, détenue à 69 % par l'épargne étrangère. Fin 2012, elle sera de 2 000 milliards d'euros, soit 90 % de notre produit intérieur brut (PIB). Cette dette est libellée en euros, nos échanges commerciaux s'effectuent en euros et en dollars. Une dévaluation de 25 % de notre monnaie nationale alourdirait d'autant le niveau de notre endettement et celui de notre déficit commercial. Notre taux d'emprunt, aujourd'hui historiquement bas (3,5 %, contre 6 % pour l'Espagne et 12 % pour la Grèce), s'alignerait sur celui des pays qui présentent un risque de défaut de remboursement. Le service de la dette atteindrait un niveau himalayen et contraindrait l'Etat à prélever un emprunt obligatoire.
It's about time, and the PS needs to hit hard on these themes if it wants to make headway in regions where voters have been fleeing to the FN.


Louis said...

There is indeed a strange paralysis amongst other parties: unsure of themselves and of their opinions, they won't fight the FN on facts. This is a terrible mistake, even if the FN's progression is not only due to the proposals inscribed in its program. But right now both the UMP and the PS look hypnotized by the FN, unable to react and internally divided. Great times...

Anonymous said...

The PS has decided to appease DSK and his friends. Instead of a big public debate about ideas on the left, there'll be a muted affair, without TV debates and with expenses capped at €30,000 per candidate, barely enough to go to a place or another. There won't even be a national meeting which the TVs could cover (even though there've been lots of requests.) An agency is supposed to promote the primaries - bet it'll be EuroRSCG, DSK's cabinet's agency, who are dead-set against the primaries and all in favor of a Solférino designation fr their champion.
The primaries would have been a prime time to debunk the FN lies, with the broadest exposure for clean, simple hits on the FN platform points and without the constraints of the limited time TV rule during campaigns. If they're so worried about whistles they can just state clearly that whistling won't be tolerated (although that "avoiding whistling" business sounds like a pretext). In addition, this apparent sabotage makes me very dubious about Aubry's ingenuity in organizing the primaries.