Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yazid Sabeg Speaks Out

Sabeg (Commissioner for diversity and equality of opportunity):

De la gauche à l'extrême droite, l'essentiel est escamoté. Aux questions de fond telles que l'emploi des jeunes, la lutte anti-ghetto ou l'accès équitable à l'éducation et à la formation se sont substitué des pseudo-débats centrés sur ce qui serait une confrontation de l'islam avec la laïcité.
Since it is the man who appointed him, Nicolas Sarkozy, who is promoting a "debate" in which Islam vs. laïcité will be a central focus, one wonders if Sabeg will remain for long in his job. Perhaps. He's a useful cover, even if he constantly strays off the reservation. But since the highest authorities in France are supposedly searching their souls about how they could have missed the brewing uprising in Muslim countries they supposedly knew intimately, they might want to consider whether Islam is as incompatible with laïcité as they apparently assume. Here is a discussion of this point:

The fact that the Egyptian, the Tunisian and now the Lybian revolutions did not have Islamic fundamentalism as their common denominator suggests that most of this so called global Islamic fundamentalism was in fact imaginary. Historically speaking, global Islamic fundamentalism was similar to the phenomenon of the Eastern Question, meaning that it was mainly cultivated in the Western minds and turned into a practice with Western financial aid in order to fend off socialism and communism. When the Cold War ended, the economic and political data still indicated that the cooperation of capitalism and democracy wouldn’t be tenable forever. Western civilization was forced to re-imagine itself in this conjecture, unfortunately with a renewed emphasis on domestic authoritarianism, so as to hush and tame its native critics. At that stage, global Islamic fundamentalism emerged as a newly discovered evil half brother of global capitalism. It became the leading hero of all fear factors and justified domestic authoritarianisms.


MAD said...

I agree with Yazid Sabeg and writer below. The reductiveness of many pseudo-political frameworks coming from our rulers is often manichaean double talk; its aim is to encourage us to assent, to cease to think and to cede democratic rights to authority. Nothing is so pleasurable than seeing its vacuousness and paltriness exposed by the reality of events.

Anonymous said...

Further to the evil half brother role for global Islam: Gadhafi today charges that the opposition is all young people on LSD provided to them by Al Queda. Both radical Islam, whatever that is, and drugs: what a team!