Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Aubry-DSK to Meet Friday

The moment of truth? The end of the famous Marrakech pact? Le Monde all but announces DSK's candidacy, without even a fare-thee-well to the notion that he might not run. Do they know something we don't know? Undoubtedly. They always do. Including the skeletons in the prospective candidates' respective closets--the ones that are widely rumored and the ones that aren't. Me? I'm a patient fellow. I can wait until Friday, or June, or September to learn whether Hamlet DSK will actually make up his mind. "Life is an unweeded garden," as the Bard says.

Meanwhile, François Hollande, the spoiler in this fight, has scheduled a major rally for the same day, in which he will unveil his platform for 2012.

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Anonymous said...

Would DSK carry the day, as so many polls seem to think? I really am not sure: right now, he's a virtual candidate. When he's a "real" candidate, his numbers are likely to drop - but fortunately for him, he's high enough that even with a dip in the polls he should be okay.
As for Hollande, I doubt he'd truly be the spoiler in the fight. I like him better than Aubry or DSK but he's not charismatic. He'd be a perfect prime minister...