Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Backtracking on Hadopi

One after another, the signature reforms of the Sarkozy presidency are being modified or scrapped. "I will never retreat on the tax shield," Sarko said, before retreating. And now the ever-unpopular Hadopi law on Internet downloads is up for revision. Young people vote, after all, and there is an election coming up. It's perhaps refreshing to see the former hyperpresident, who vowed to vanquish "tous les conservatismes," returning things to the status quo ante, like a camper attempting to leave the campsite as he found it. We have come a long way since la rupture of May 2007.

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Kirk said...

Interestingly, I haven't read one story about anyone who's been sanctioned by this law. I follow this sector - at least digital music - for my own writing, and there don't seem to have been any "convictions" yet.

I do know many people who have stopped using peer-to-peer software (BitTorrent) and have gone over to other methods, which the overseers cannot detect. So it doesn't seem to have done very much.