Monday, April 25, 2011

Before June 28 for DSK

Pierre Moscovici says that DSK will decided by June 28 whether or not his is running for president. Latest polling here.

Moscovici: DSK n'a pas une "popularité de papier" by FranceInfo

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Anonymous said...

Except that such polls have been consistently wrong a year before the presidential elections:
Rocard was supposed to opposed Giscard in 81, Balladur was supposed to win in 95...
In addition, Manuel Valls yesterday repeated a widely-held 'strauss kahnian' belief that if he were to be a candidate, others should cease and desist.
(I already know Royal won't :p. Seriously, I can't imagine it. Montebourg and Hollande both seem pretty decided, too.)
In short, DSK doesn't want to campaign.
That's a bad omen for the primaires.
Voters don't like politicians who fear crowds and electoral confrontations.

Where I live, DSK has a very very low approval rate. Most people agree he'd handle international heads of state well, but few think he has even an inkling of what is going on in people's lives. Those who support him say "he's got the stats though" to excuse that fact -- but it's assumed he doesn't understand life in "deep" France. Even those who approve of him find him cold/condescending. And basically everyone on the left says "but he's not really on the left".
You could say I don't know the right people, but these findings are quite consistent throughout a broad spectrum, enough that I can't dismiss them as mere anecdotes.