Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ça bouge au centre

Jean-Louis Borloo has--predictably--quit the UMP to explore the possibility of a federation in the center of the political spectrum. He has competitors with similar dreams: Bayrou, of course, a perennial in this space; Hervé Morin; Jean Arthuis. This is a pretty small slice of the electorate for four contenders, so something will have to give. And nothing will work if the Socialists nominate Strauss-Kahn, who already encroaches on the center's space. If, however, DSK doesn't run and the PS moves left, there might be an opening here. It's a dangerous game, which could splinter the right to smithereens and open a highway for Marine Le Pen, but if Sarkozy sinks further, temptation may get the better of all those brave UMP folks who ran under independent labels in the cantonals. A centrist cover might do nicely. And then of course there's always the Villepin wild card: he floats above the center-right divide, in a space all his own: the Napoleonic stratosphere.


Anonymous said...

the center right and the napoleonic stratosphere are likely to expand as the UMP gets closer and closer to the radical right: just today, Guéant announced he wanted to curb legal immigration. Not, that's not a typo: LEGAL. Both work-related AND family-related.

Guéant, being Boss of the Cops ("1er flic de France"), is an inspiration for some happy-petty workers who guard the borders from barbarians who dare have credit cards rather than cash.

ps: Americans, fear not, especially if your skin isn't too dark... "Non-Europeans" here = coming from formerly colonized countries.

Anonymous said...

And Rama Yade follows Borloo!
(Logically )
as a late night talk show host recently: "except for Rama Yade, 6 months ago they were all Qaddaffi's best buddies!")
I wonder if others will, too?