Tuesday, April 12, 2011

France Complains about NATO

Alain Juppé says that NATO isn't doing enough in Libya. Despite France's willingness to go it alone in the Libyan operation, its capacity to sustain an extended campaign was always in doubt. Juppé didn't specify what help he wants from NATO, but it's simply a fact that France, even with the UK, is insufficiently equipped in planes, carriers, cruise missiles, and airborne surveillance capabilities to carry on a long fight without assistance. NATO is of course a polite way of bringing in US forces and supplies beyond the AWACS that are still flying in support of the Libyan mission.

More details here, particularly concerning A10 Warthog "tank-killer" aircraft.


Mary Campbell Gallagher said...

Anne Applebaum had a well-argued piece in Slate yesterday called "Mission Facade: It's completely bogus to call the war in Libya a 'NATO operation.'"

Applebaum says that the war in Libya is in fact an Anglo-French operation, the first one since Suez in 1956. Would one expect it to go smoothly?

MAD said...

Britain and France combined can't make a sustained campaign against Libya?! Who then would be sufficiently small for them to take on?