Saturday, April 23, 2011

French Competition for the Royal Wedding?

Read it here. Could this be Sarkozy's secret campaign weapon? Another future director of EPAD gestating in the Élysée? If so, I say to the happy couple, Mazel tov.


Anonymous said...

Something struck me as odd: not ONE of my French friends assumed it was because of a personal choice. ALL of them assumed (didn't even question the assumption) that it had been planned so that Nicolas Sarkozy would have a baby to parade around and take pictures with.
Most, even among UMP-sympathizers, thought it was a plan that'd fail.
Of course, most of them endorse Mariton's idea of a "primary on the right".
The current consensus is that the reason why there won't be one is that Sarkozy would lose it. And he can't be seen as losing anything. So he'll be the candidate because he wouldn't be, in a paradoxal move.

DavidinParis said...

It will be a most interesting test of genetic recombination. Her looks with his, uhm, well, it will be interesting.