Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hulot's Hat in Ring

Nicolas Hulot is now officially a candidate for the presidency. This further complicates the already bewildering picture. Hulot has described himself as a "free electron," so that if he attracts a substantial number of voters, he may be in the position of brokering the second round. In any case, he is certain to raise the prominence of ecological issues, which is probably a good thing, although it remains to be seen whether he can manage the transition from media personality to political actor.


Anonymous said...

How is Hulot "green"? Wasn't his company sued for labor abuses and allergy-causing components? Doesn't he travel everywhere in a copter?
As for a politician...??
It's as if Phil Kheogan wanted to be president!

Anonymous said...

Daniel Schneiderman doesn't seem to believe Hulot very much. It's the first time I've seen the issue addressed so frankly, which is that Hulot is anything but green in behavior. And actions speak louder than words, in my opinion. Of course French people watch him on TV and love words so he may have a shot even though I still don't see it.

"Il était, sur France Inter, huit heures quarante et une, et le télécologiste Hulot prenait la France à témoin de sa conversion d'après Fukushima. Reconnaissons-le, c'est dit, et seul l'avenir dira, par exemple, si EDF continuera de subventionner la fondation dont Hulot, promis juré, va se séparer demain. Question d'auditeur sur son autre ex-sponsor pollueur, Rhône-Poulenc. Réponse entortillée. "Ce n'étaient pas des sponsors, mais des mécènes". "