Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kapil Takes On Cohen

I had thought of criticizing Roger Cohen's column about Sarkozy in last Sunday's Times, but I find Cohen often to be such a lazy, careless writer that I decided not to bother. But I'm glad that Arun Kapil took up the challenge. Read what he has to say and you'll see why you can skip most columns by Roger Cohen.


Anonymous said...

VERY nicely put by Kapil. On a side note, I was a bit shocked to see the German Greens' Washington group Facebook page link approvingly to Cohen's column, the same that was comparing Sarko's involvement in Libya (good) with Merkel's reticence to get involved (bad). So, in other words, neo-conservative light is OK with the German Greens as long as you use it to criticize the current Chancellor?

Anonymous said...

Roger Cohen still repeats the Wisner narrative !