Thursday, April 7, 2011

NPR Appearance

I just did a recorded interview with NPR on France's role in Libya and Ivory Coast. This may air on tomorrow's "Morning Edition," depending on the news flow, or it may be delayed by a day or two.


MAD said...

I was present at J. Kristeva's weekly seminar today where BHL, accompanied now by bodyguard, was a guest speaker on the topic of Céline. A propos de rien, he couldn't help but mention he'd just stepped off the red-eye from DC and was squeezing in his appearance before rushing breathlessly for another plane to Benghazi to seek out the authentic leaders of the opposition--if he isn't supposed to pick the winners, then surely that is a matter for the Libyans themselves?! As far as his Céline talk is concerned, I thought he made a good presentation; there at least, he's on solid ground. I was pleasantly surprised, despite his customary white shirt open to his navel.

Anonymous said...

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