Monday, April 11, 2011

Sarko Approval 29%

Sarkozy's approval rating now stands at 29%. Although 62% approved of his intervention in Libya, he got no personal boost from taking action--just as I told NPR he wouldn't.


Anonymous said...

I wondered if there'd be a Maggie-Falklands effect or a W-Iraq effect, but apparently not.
I have yet to listen to your NPR broadcast (will do so *right now*) but in case the questions isn't answered: why did war help many leaders but didn't help Sarkozy?

Unknown said...

I would hazard several possible answers to this question. First, the war in Libya is a humanitarian intervention rather than a nationalist quest. The only passion engaged is the rather mild one of supporting human rights and averting a bloodbath. But no affront to French pride is being avenged. Second, the military commitment is limited, and there are no ground troops engaged (yet). Third, Sarkozy's unpopularity has as much to do with his style of leadership as with his policies. His penchant for splashy announcements that lead to no discernible change in French fortunes has left even those who supported him initially disappointed and wary of each new venture onto risky terrain.

Anonymous said...