Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This Is Scandalous

A mother wearing a simple headscarf is banned from visiting her child's school because of the new anti-burqa/niqab law, but she wasn't wearing a burqa or niqab. Then she was sent around to the back door. The phrase "second-class citizen" comes to mind from the bad old days in the US. (h/t Anonymous)


Anonymous said...

This is awful. Especially the "you can only come in if you use the back door".
I'd hesitate in letting a niqab-wearing adult into a school, simply because you can't tell who that is. But what reasoning can they use to ban a mother who's been wearing a headscarf for years?
I bet that someone will self-righteously add "and their kind don't even care about their kids: they're called in to see a teacher and they don't show."
And, the kicker: the law has been voted but is not in application yet!

Other story of the day:
From the conservative local daily:
"Tout était calme avant les coups de matraque dans les jambes, les bousculades et l’utilisation du gaz."

In English, an explanation about "the divide between France and its police force"

brent said...

Setting aside the fact that the law isn't yet in effect, two things are clear: 1) this mother in no way violated what will become the law, and 2) the governing party has succeeded in creating a social environment in which not only an ill-informed bigot (the concierge) can feel free to insult and discriminate against a parent for appearing to be Muslim, but apparently her school principal supported her gesture.

And a third point: the UMP is apparently intending to propose that in the next round it WILL be illegal to wear Muslim-identified clothing such as a foulard. Can mandatory yellow crescent badges be far behind?