Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So, the great debate on laïcité has come and gone. The earth did not move. The Republic is safe. Yawn.


Anonymous said...

Laïcité is gone, the debate about Islam and immigration is handed out to bad cop Guéant whereas Sarkozy tries to present himself as a good guy who loves diversity. The day after La Laïcité et l'islam, Aimé Césaire.
Nicolas Sarkozy tries to revirginize himself (I invent based on a funny French expression: se refaire une virginité)after the Guéant speeches by making a speech about "Aimé Césaire and diversity which is France's glory and duty" (or some such) as a plaque honoring the politician and writer in Panthéon. (Césaire had specifically asked for his body to remain on his beloved island, as in his opinion sending his body to Paris would be a terrible "colonizing" sign. But Sarkozy wanted a "panthéon", Camus was made impossible, Césaire's body couldn't be transported but it's too late to find another person to bury so the plaque will do.)
Pundits point out Sarkozy is "playing at president" with "panthéonisation" of a man who was the president of Royal's Support Commitee, a man who'd said very unkind words about Sarkozy when he'd gone to Guadeloupe as a candidate.

Anonymous said...

In the meanwhile, a mother with a simple headcovering
is barred from entering a middle school where she was supposed to meet with the head teacher.