Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"36 15 j'existe"

On the left it's not news if someone attacks the "idle rich," but on the right it's big news when a minister attacks the "idle poor." And Laurent Wauquiez didn't just attack the recipients of the RSA; he called them a "cancer" and insisted that they do 5 hours of public service in return for their share of the dole. The father of the RSA, Martin Hirsch, was beyond livid on France2 last night; he was apoplectic. And at UMP HQ, they weren't so happy either:

"Wauquiez, c'est 36 15 j'existe", raille-t-on à l'unisson dans l'entourage du patron de l'UMP, Jean-François Copé, qui ne l'aime pas.
François Fillon was annoyed that a junior minister was questioning the official policy of his government. So it looks like this is a nonstarter, but what was it meant to be? A trial balloon? A test theme for the campaign? If so, could it have been handled worse? Since 2007 there have been a fair number of these kinds of gaffes.

P.S. If "36 15" means nothing to you, read this.

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