Sunday, May 22, 2011

Anne Mansouret Defends Herself

For Anne Mansouret, the past week has been a nightmare. Tristane Banon's mother defends her daughter, defends the interview Tristane gave to Thierry Ardisson, and says that DSK has no one to blame but himself for his predicament. For this, the FN has called her a traitor and the Strauss-Kahnian Michèle Sabban has called for her expulsion from the Socialist Party. (h/t MYOS)


meshplate said...

In the third clip on the linked page, Yannick Olland, envoyé spécial de RMC, says that DSK groped in an extreme way a flight attendant on an Air France flight from Paris to NYC.

Anonymous said...

François Hollande: collateral damage?
- imho, he's got himself to blame there, since it's due to his own cowardice and lies. If his chief of staff and the alleged victim's mother both say he was really nice to Tristane Banon, there's ground to believe he was aware of what had happened. As for his way to deflect by saying "did she press charges? no, she didn't." (implied: see, there was nothing I could do) - well, really, I understand why his nickname is some variation on flan, which in France is a pudding between custard and jello.;francois-hollande-face-a-l-affaire-tristane-banon.html