Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anne Sinclair Supports DSK

His wife stands by her man:

"Je ne crois pas une seule seconde aux accusations qui sont portées contre mon mari. Je ne doute pas que son innocence soit établie", a écrit Mme Sinclair dans un bref communiqué avant d'appeler "chacun à la décence et à la retenue". 


David A. Bell said...

Is there an equivalent French idiom for "stand by your man"?

Anonymous said...

What a surprise!


Arthur Goldhammer said...

Elle ne lâche pas son mec?

Anonymous said...

Yea, but it doesn't have that same, twangy connotation... :-)

Anonymous said...

poor, poor DSK? What about the chambermaid?

The 2002 girl's mother regrets and now that she's a 31-year-old woman, she may still sue, now that she's older and even though DSK's her best friend's dad =«-je-regrette-d’avoir-dissuade-ma-fille-de-porter-plainte-contre-dsk-»

meshplate said...

will she stand by him if he is convicted. what stands out about this story is the speed with which the nypd picked him up. apparently the event happened around 1pm and he was arrested in the plane at about 4.30. to go after him with such efficiency really seems to indicate that there is a real case to answer here.

Anonymous said...

a rape kit includes a mouth swab, so that alone should provide info re: oral sex. But how fast DNA is analyzed... I thought it was a month (except on TV?)
We have no timeline but it sounds like there was one assault and one attempted assault. Someone gathered that relevant pieces of clothing had been picked up.
None of this implies it wasn't consensual but I've got a very hard time thinking a high-end hotel maid who's worked as a chambermaid for years would suddenly engage in sexual misconduct with a client and jeopardize her job by making false claims.

of course, I understand Sinclair: she's born it all in expectation of the presidency... she can't go back on her lifetime's projet.

Anonymous said...

Twitter: SylvainLapoix Sylvain Lapoix
l'argument qui tue du biographe de #DSK : "il a suffisamment de charme pour obtenir des relations consentantes d'une femme."

Anonymous said...

From that same guy:
"c'est un père de famille! un grand-père!
Il n'a pas la psychologie d'un violeur, il a la psychologie d'un séducteur c'est l'inverse: il a toujours été aimé, il a été aimé par sa mère, il aime les femmes, il n'est pas frustré, il pourrait séduire toutes.. enfin, pas toutes le femmes mais presque toutes, il n'a pas à violer..."

Anonymous said...

Sur #Europe1 : Catherine Nay, « Aux États-Unis, c'est vraiment mal vu de violer une femme. »

Cincinna said...

So, Anne Sinclair is standing by her man like some Tammy
Why do so many of these men of power and status with serious abuse problems have enabler wives?