Monday, May 16, 2011

The Astrologers Get It Wrong--Really Wrong

Prediction from December 2010:

Dans un entretien à Paris Match , Elizabeth Teissier prévoit "peut-être un destin présidentiel" pour Dominique Strauss-Kahn en 2012, car "depuis 2010, Pluton imprime un grand tournant dans son destin, qui se prolonge sur le printemps 2012". "2011 sera pour lui une année géniale : à 62 ans, c'est l'année de sa vie ! S'il doit prendre une grande décision entre le 10 et le 15 septembre, il connaîtra des doutes et des interrogations- jusqu'en décembre 2011", a ajouté l'astrologue. "Le président de la République pourrait donc ne pas être réélu", a-t-elle encore poursuivi. (source)


TexExile said...

Of course, they got it wrong. They overlooked the fact that the world would end in 2011 (a lucky break for both Sarko and DSK, I guess).

For details, see

Alex Price said...

Finally something to smile about in this dismal story. God bless the astrologers!

Anonymous said...

Talking about how right or wrong someone can get it --or, as you add, really wrong... vis-à-vis really right-- how well or off the mark do you fancy this "analyst" to be?

I would appreciate your comments and impresions on this, Arthur.

Best wishes,


Passerby said...

Thanks for the smile, Art.

Not surprisingly, Elisabeth Teissier's predictions are often way-off. It's particularly funny to see an astrologer make an apparently "safe bet" (like DSK has a good chance to become president) and see real life take a much different turn.

But my favorite prediction is when she predicted that the Cassini spacecraft would crash on Earth on July 28th 1999, unleashing chaos & destruction. Foreseeing the end of the world didn't prevent her from booking her Summer vacations around that date.
I guess apocalypse is a serious business and she expected she would need a rest from all this upcoming chaos...

Arthur Goldhammer said...

@HS, Thierry Meyssan also claims that the CIA orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. You can safely ignore anything he says.