Monday, May 16, 2011

The Author of Sexus Politicus on Omertà



Anonymous said...

Un exemple, BHL.
la présomption d'innocence de DSK devient déni de culpabilité et présomption de mensonge de la femme de ménage

Anonymous said...

Jean Quatremer chatted with people about that same topic (omerta); here's the transcript:

Cincinna said...

re: BHL
Birds of a feather?
Rarely have I seen such a ridiculous website run by this aging pompous a$$ in a Puffy Shirt.
A "philosopher" who is against almost everything, but never quite states what he is for.
Another narcissist who uses the pronoun "Je" every sentence.
His defense of DSK while admitting he has no facts (I guess he skipped reading the Complaint) is based on nothing.
Since the complaint has been published, most of the usual suspects have been quiet.
With l'affaire DSK, I think La Gauche Caviar has heard it's final death knell.

meshplate said...

Michel Broué makes the right point. Everyone is screaming DSK is being mistreated. What about the victim's dignity and her right? As it stands, you'd be forgiven for thinking DSK is the victim and she's the aggressor. What the hell is going on here?