Friday, May 20, 2011

Can a Fool Make an Even Greater Fool of Himself?

If he's BHL, of course he can.


Robert said...

Along those lines: Journalist Eric Brunet said yesterday on ITele that Yvette Roudy, Mitterrand's Women's Rights Minister, had called the whole thing a conspiracy ("coup monte") against DSK. Has anyone else seen/heard anything along those lines? I'd find it astonishing if it were true.

Anonymous said...

I'd be astonished too!
I'd want to know whether it was on Sunday (I am tempted to forgive anything that was said on Sunday morning, because they must have been in shock) or later this week.
Someone told me "it's impossible to force oral sex so the maid must be lying".
A lawyer is explaining "there's no need to protect the witness".
Tristane Banon has decided not to sue. Will the prosecution subpoena her? Will the defense?

Anonymous said...

And how do you judge HOllande's latest statement?