Monday, May 23, 2011

Christophe Deloire Tells What He Knew, and what "They" Knew

Christophe Deloire, the author of Sexus politicus, speaks of pressure from DSK publicity flack, Ramzi Khiroun, not to publish, says that Hollande and Fabius both tried to prevent Tristane Banon from pressing charges, and says that many journalists knew of the allegations but did not go to print with them.


Cincinna said...

From The New Yorker: A very good article by Gourevitch showing the change of heart about DSK by la Gauche Caviar.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Talk at Paris Dinner Party : The New Yorker

Alex Price said...

Dubois’ account tallies with that of the editors of the Agoravox site who published Banon’s story in 2008. They received an immediate threat (the same day) from DSK’s lawyers and encountered a universal lack of interest in the story among fellow journalists, who told them that since Banon hadn’t pressed charges, there was nothing to report. Although Dubois’ speculation that “l'affaire DSK va changer la donne” makes sense, I wonder how much change there can be without a change in the law. What clearly motivated the journalists’ silence about Banon was the legal risk involved in publishing the story without the cover of a judicial investigation (since she hadn’t pressed charges).

One interesting question the interviewer doesn’t ask Dubois: why, knowing what he knew, didn’t he himself continue to write about Banon?

Anonymous said...

Not sure what "bj with a .357 on the head" goes for these days in US courts, but I bet it's more than the simple epiteth of "ridiculous charges" which journalists later proferred (Bacqué, Le Monde, 2008).
In case you were wondering, the woman who pressed charges was pressured to retract. Not even a restraining order was filed. Only Le Canard Enchainé explained what had happened. In fact, based on Le Monde's article, 10 years later it was still considered ridiculous that she would go and press charges.