Thursday, May 5, 2011

Clearstream: The Remake

A strange business, this second trial on appeal of the Clearstream affair. A full account can be found here. What is so odd to American eyes is that the appeal seems not to be based on any allegation of judicial error or material new facts. It is just a rehashing of the same old case, with the difference that the lawyers now know what all the witnesses testified to in the first trial. Gergorin, who was found to be the brains of the operation the first time around, is now predictably playing the moron:

Au prévenu, ils ont donné une feuille de route qui tient en deux mots, humilité et autoflagellation. Jean-Louis Gergorin s’y prête sans faille. “J’avoue que j’ai tout gobé”, “j’étais aveuglé”, “j’ai complètement déraillé”, “j’ai une tendance à l’hyperanxiété et à développer des scénarios”, “j’avais une vision très manichéenne des choses”,répète-t-il.
Unfortunately, this is not a role that suits him at all. I happen to know two people who knew him at different points in his career, and "gullible victim" is not the way they see him, nor was it the picture that emerged in the first trial. "Humility and self-flagellation" were not the most prominent traits of his character. Of course the only thing that anyone cares about in this case is whether or not Villepin will be acquitted a second time, and so far there is no reason to think that he won't be. To convict him, you'd somehow have to persuade yourself that the vain and proud high muck-a-muck conspired with a figure as unlikely as the "humble and self-flagellating" Gergorin to hire a smalltime con man to do in Nicolas Sarkozy.

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