Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Démondialiste, Anti-Mondialiste, Alter-Mondialiste

Marine Le Pen, who has previously called herself an anti-mondialiste, has now adopted the term démondialisation, hitherto associated with the left-wing economist Jacques Sapir. "Alter-mondialiste" has been favored by groups such as ATTAC, as well as by the NPA. This is crowded ideological space, and it isn't always easy to discern what the differences in attitude toward "globalization" might be, since the concept itself is such a nebulous one. But from the standpoint of political tactics, it's in Marine Le Pen's interest to cast her net as widely as possible in the hope of drawing in voters on the left who for decades have been opposed to "globalization," no matter what they may have called themselves. To quote Médiapart (€):

«Les accents anti-mondialistes du FN sont perceptibles depuis 1995. Le FN parle depuis longtemps de la “lutte contre le mondialisme”. On ne peut donc pas dire que Marine Le Pen innove sur ces sujets», précise Erwan Lecœur, sociologue et consultant, spécialiste de l'extrême droite. Mais Marine Le Pen, dans ses discours en tout cas, a opéré un virage: fini le libéralisme anti-étatiste de Jean-Marie Le Pen, place à l'Etat protecteur en aide aux victimes de la crise. «Elle est plus radicale que son père. Dans sa bouche, le simple mot de “capitalisme” est d'emblée connoté négativement», note le politologue Jean-Yves Camus.
La gravité de la crise financière de 2008 puis l'intensité de la crise des dettes souveraines en Europe, toujours en cours, bouleversent la donne. «La crise de l'euro confère au FN une nouvelle marge d'audibilité», assure Jean-Yves Camus. Le discours du FN, sur le retour au franc, ou l'instauration de barrières commerciales aux frontières de la France, passerait mieux. Le parti frontiste joue la carte du seul parti équipé pour penser l'éclatement de la zone euro.


Sophie Meunier said...

Another politician who favors "la demondialisation" is Arnaud Montebourg, who has made it one of his catchphrases. See the portrait of him in Le Monde on November 20, 2010, "Arnaud Montebourg, nouvel apotre de la demondialisation". Arnaud et Marine, meme combat??

brent said...

I can't see what conceptual difference, if any, separates 'anti-mondialisme' from 'démondialisme,' except that the former sounds more familiar to far-right ears, the latter to the far-left. Is that about right?

As far as I can tell, the NPA is thoroughly 'alter-mondialiste,' not calling for French withdrawal from Europe but for "une autre Europe" oriented more to le sociale and less to les financiers, and calling as well for transformed North/South relations based on cooperation not exploitation (whatever that would mean in practice). Mélenchon, despite his opposition to the European Constitution in 2005 and to the Treaty of Lisbon, speaks clearly in favor of keeping France in the Euro zone, a distinction from MLP and the FN that escapes some commentators.

The French media seem determined to give MLP a much louder microphone than JLM and the FG, which adds greatly to her efforts to poach on, and eventually eclipse altogether, the far-left with rhetoric that is not only 'démondialiste' but increasingly anti-capitalist. I don't know why the media are disposed to confer on her this advantage, but for some reason they seem to find MLP a 'better story,' albeit a potentially catastrophic one.

Cincinna said...

MLP has now aligned herself with the anti-capitalists and Statists, the closest thing to Fascism we’ve seen. She is far more dangerous than her father ever was, and a much smarter, shrewder politician.
The merger of far right nationalism and the leftist anti-capitalist, (anti-liberale),  economic agenda is called Fascism. A term the French are uncomfortable with and are afraid to use when describing MLP & her movement. 

randcoop said...

I think Cincinna's comment is excellent, though I'd suggest that Nazism is the better way to think of the synthesis of nationalism and anti-capitalism (as opposed to Fascism).

Cincinna said...

you are right, Nazism is a perfect example. One could categorize MLP as neo-Nazi, which I do believe she is. I prefer using the term Fascism, because it is a classic economic political definition, and sets MLP & the movement le Peniste in a modern 21st century context instead of the context of long ago WWII.