Sunday, May 22, 2011

Details of Accuser's Account


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Alex Price said...

Curious, the same story appears on The Daily Beast, which claims an exclusive:

Perhaps iwatch has a deal with the Beast.

This story changed the way I think about the DSK affair. The details provided allow one for the first time to grasp the full measure of the maid’s distress, which is extreme –- she is described as trying to vomit. The story also provides a hitherto undisclosed detail about DSK’s action, namely that when he first approached her, he came up from behind and “touched her breasts, remarking she was beautiful.” He told her she was beautiful. It is difficult not to react with some mixture of irony and derision to this information. But, assuming it is true, it's an important indication of DSK’s state of mind during the attack. Perhaps for him it was just another form of seduction, one that was a little “lourd” and “appuyée,” to quote the words one woman used to describe his advances.