Saturday, May 14, 2011


Head of I.M.F. Arrested in New York and Accused of Sexual Attack

The leader of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique
Strauss-Kahn, was arrested on Saturday, minutes before he was
to fly to Paris from John F. Kennedy International Airport,
the authorities said.

Mr. Strauss-Kahn, a candidate for president of France, was
taken off an Air France flight by officers from the Port
Authority of New York and New Jersey and turned over to
Manhattan detectives, according to a Port Authority

He was accused of a sex attack on a maid at a Times Square
hotel earlier in the day, the authorities said.

More details here. And here. And The Times.


Linca said...

So finally we learn why Sarko is such a NYPD fan... !

Anonymous said...

How stupid can DSK be?
If he's THAT impulsive and predatory, he's got no business running for president anywhere.

He'll probably surrender his passport at the very least, even if he's proved innocent later on, that accusation would put a damper on his ambitions unless immediately proved ludicrous.
Also, the NYT states "brutal attack": I don't see how he can run with this scandal (especially that there are other alleged sexual scandals although apparently none of tha tmagnitude. We know about the employee he harassed and who left the IMF for a cushy job.)
Rue89 has a short article, mostly translating the NYT, and many comments are along the lines of "smear campaign", "lies", "Sarkozy's attack dogs"... I don't see how the NYT can be accused of lying (they may be ill-informed, of course, but it's the NYT!) and certainly not of being Sarkozy's! Some comments are jokes. It's stupefying to see how fast the comments arrive, considering it's the middle of the night for French people.

Cincinna said...

Huffington Post is just a far left blogsite. .
The story is accurate, and reported in the NY Times
& The NY Daily News here:

Top French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn dragged off flight at JFK, arrested, accused of sodomizing maid

I guess DSK can kiss his political career goodbye. He probably wasn't the best candidate anyway. The PS is well rid of this leftist poseur (and degenerate).
My sympathies are with his wife and family, and especially with the victim.

Cincinna said...

NB The NYPD does not arrest someone of the stature of DSK without cause. The law is very strict on probable cause for arrest. NY is not France. If arrested, he was read his Miranda Rights and will be hauled in front of a Judge within 48 hours to be formally charged with a crime.
The NYT is a serious newspaper that triple fact checks stories like this before publishing. "brutal assault" is a very serious criminal charge in NYS. If convicted, it would mean serious jail time for DSK.
I wonder who he will hire as his Attorney?

Anonymous said...

He's supposed to be arraigned by tonight which means probable cause.
Apparently the maid was taken to the hospital for suffering "minor injuries" and probably getting a rape kit. There may be DNA proof somewhere on her.
Is DNA testing that fast?

I'm kind of speechless: how arrogant and impulsive and just ewwww can that guy be?
And it can't be the first time - how come nothing's surfaced till then?

Mary Campbell Gallagher, J.D., Ph.D. said...

For all I know, DSK is in fact as guilty as the proverbial sin. Under the law, however, he is innocent until proven guilty. Posters' assumptions that if The New York Times says something, it is conclusive, and that if DSK was arrested, he is guilty, surprise me.

The Times probably reprinted a press release from the DA's office saying simply that DSK had been arrested. It is true that the NYPD does not arrest anyone, whether or not of DSK's stature, without probable cause. But that only gets us as far as the arrest and arraignment, it is not an investigation, still less, a trial.

Consider the possibility that DSK has a defense. Sometimes the witness whose testimony provides probable cause turns out to be unreliable. It is not unknown in cases of sexual encounters gone wrong, in addition, that the witness turns out to have invited contact or made only ambiguous protests.

If sodomy is the sexual contact involved, in any event, and DSK and the complainant were alone, I have trouble understanding the mechanics of the alleged rape.

Patience, gentle posters. More will be revealed.

Cincinna said...

The Office of the DA in Manhattan does not put out press releases.
DSK was not arrested, but held for questioning by NYPD SVU.
If he is arrested, as is likely, he will be arraigned, which means he will be charged with a crime. He will then face the question of bail. He is an unlikely flight risk, so bail will be granted, in my experience $1million or more would be likely.
In this case, my sources in the DA's Office say there is physical evidence, and Monsieur left his cell phone in the hotel room. The alleged victim was able to free herself and ran screaming to her her colleagues in the hall who called 911.
NYPD is used to dealing with high profile suspects and rarely makes mistakes. Ditto for the NY County DA.
As DRUDGE would say,,,, "developing"

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Daily News has a much more graphic description of what happened.

So that's how they have DNA evidence. The NYT doesn't go anywhere near there, saying he grabbed the woman and she ran away.

Cincinna said...

The Daily News has excellent Police sources, and the facts in the article have been confirmed by the official spokesman of the NYPD and reported by Reuters

The details are indeed shocking. If proven true, they show DSK is a violent sexual predator. My guess is this is not the first time this happened, just the first time he got caught.

NY is definitely not the place to pull this kind of crap. We have a new DA, Cyrus Vance, Jr, who will have to prove he runs a clean office as did his predecessor, Robert Morganthau. He has to prove that in this town of very rich powerful people, the DA's Office shows no favoritism & cannot be influenced or bought.

This is going to be very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Talk to your friends in the lower ranks of the PS or MJS girls. They may have stories to tell. Mine do. They may deny it, but it was well-known you did not let MJS girls near DSK in La Rochelle, unless they didn't mind what was sure to come.
But when you're powerful, in France, you can make some things "disappear". A journalist did allege he'd attempted to rape her.

But in the meanwhile, PS brass close ranks and Cambadélis went as far as saying it was totally unlike DSK - we're talking about a guy who sent emails of a sexual nature several times a day to a subordinate in the IMF and has his favorite "swing clubs"... right, walking around naked sounds like a stretch.

The basic reaction here is
1° no surprise
2° it's a set-up

Mary Campbell Gallagher, J.D., Ph.D. said...

The serious political point is that unless it turns out, wildly, that DSK was manipulated or set up, whether he is guilty or innocent, DSK has gotten himself under a cloud that can destroy his career. Having a good defense will suffice for the law, but public opinion is something else.

Surprised as I am at the general stampede in earlier posts to find DSK guilty, I am even more in wonder that someone behind the name Cincinna is going to jump in with gratuitous factual and legal inaccuracies. First, Cincinna says the following: "The Office of the DA in Manhattan does not put out press releases. . . ."

With due respect, as I said earlier, first, The Times was probably reprinting a press release from the DA's office. I can easily fax anyone who doubts me copies of earlier press releases I have received from the DA's office. Cincinna is badly misinformed.

Second, contrary to Cincinna's gratuitous representation that DSK was merely held for questioning, all sources agree that DSK has in fact been arrested.

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

He is a high profile person, did he really think anyone would stay quiet?