Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DSK "On Trial"

Lest you be tempted to think that life will be all "roses" once DSK returns to Paris to claim the PS nomination and begin le roman de la rose, have a look at this account of "the trial of DSK" held yesterday at the Théâtre Dejazet and animated by Daniel Mermet of France Inter, with Philippe Cohen of Marianne as one of the prime ministers. As Bruno Roger-Petit remarks, the opposition to DSK is an amalgam of extreme right, extreme left, anti-globalization, and even anti-Semitic nationalism:

Dans le genre, cela rappelle les attaques contre Blum et sa vaisselle d'or, les saillies de Poujade contre Mendès France et les campagnes de Minute contre Robert Badinter. Soixante-dix ans d'histoire... Oui, vraiment, cela rappelle bien des souvenirs. Il faut dire que Mermet a accueilli le témoin en disant  : "On se demande pourquoi il n'est pas populaire auprès des classes populaires, DSK, avec sa très belle femme, lui qui parle anglais et allemand". "Mermet et ses amis semblent sur ce coup-là plus proches de Radio Paris que de France Inter". 
And of course there is more of the same from Marine Le Pen, who may have banished overt anti-Semitism from the repertoire of her party but who still knows how to evoke the old themes of "cosmopolitanism," divided loyalty, hypersexuality, multilingualism, etc.

UPDATE: Another account here.

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