Monday, May 30, 2011

DSK Hires Crisis Management Team

Story here.


meshplate said...

What can one say other than it stinks? Sickening....

MYOS said...

CIA agents? Seriously?

Mitch, do you think the DA can compete with that?
It sounds like only the team from "Leverage" could help the prosecution at this point... unless they have found other women whom they're keeping under wraps, it looks like it's going to be one-thousand-shark-teeth-bloody.

Cincinna said...

The hiring of a "PR" firm manned by ex-CIA agents says a lot about the desperation of the DSK Defense team. The only defense available to them, as they have already seen much of the physical evidence that the Prosecutor has is to try to dig up dirt on the alleged victim.
This is a desperate, dangerous strategy, as it risks creating sympathy for the victim, a simple working mother, a widow, against a powerful, rich foreigner with unlimited resources.
In the discovery process, each side will get to see the other side's cards, and interview and cross examine each other's witnesses.
The best defense money can buy may not create reasonable doubt in the mind of a jury IMHO.
DSK's lawyers have already talked too much.

thisnameisinuse said...

Whether this is sickening or not depends, I think, on A) what they do and B) what he did. We don't know either yet.

meshplate said...

Well, with these detectives, spies and spinners plus the legal team of get out of jail free specialists, we will may indeed never know. OJ was acquitted, but did that mean he was innocent? Yes from a legal point of view, although convicted of wrongful death. Do we know what really happened? No, but we have a pretty good idea.