Monday, May 23, 2011


Who says Americans don't know or care about the euro crisis?


meshplate said...

Hi Art, I am not sure but suspect that nothing on Hulu is visible outside the USA!

MYOS said...

Yes, we can't see it.
Unfortunately, youtube doesn't have it either. :s

Anonymous said...

Who says Americans don't care about their system of criminal justice?

Prison rape is hilarious!

A bunch of puritans in favor of forced sodomy, that's what you are. The worst of both worlds.

brent said...

The SNL skit is very funny--until the end, where the big laugh line is a 'rape joke.' An interesting touch, whose humor is undeniable--gets a big laugh--but hard to pinpoint just what makes it funny: is it the male-on-male nature of the proposed rape? Black on white, or 'street' on rich? Americans on Frenchman? Or is it about rough justice, the kind President Obama was praising just the other day, where since the guy is obviously despicable and guilty it's OK to carry out the sentence before the trial?

Arthur Goldhammer said...

Yes, true, the end is not funny and unfortunate. But the discussion of euro debt is both funny and informative.