Friday, May 13, 2011

DSK Sues

With revelations about high living threatening to damage his still undeclared candidacy, DSK has sued 2 journalists at France soir for alleging that he wears $35,000 suits made by a certain Washington, D.C., tailor whom he claims never to have patronized. And Ramzi Khiroun, the PR flack who lent him the Porsche, is asking who learned that the car was actually owned by his employer, Lagardère. With the implication being that this information could only have come from a government source, aka the Élysée Dirty Tricks Dept. I guess the campaign is underway.


Kirk McElhearn said...

Wow, is that stupid or what? If he really is going to run, starting out by suing journalists won't be much of a help. Sounds like a Sarah Palin move...

Cincinna said...

A suit for $35,000? Anyone who would waste money like that shows such poor judgement and lack of economic sense, they shouldn't be elected dog catcher.
Now everyone will know that DSK aime la frime! Don't these people have campaign advisors/image consultants? In a failing economy, with very high unemployment, with gas at €12 + per gallon, this is hardly the image a Socialist should be projecting.

FYI Sarah Palin never sued any journalist about stories written about her. As a public figure, there is little protection under the law. In fact of Law, in the US, you can write almost anything about a public figure. Absent malice, there is absolutely no case.

Arthur Goldhammer said...

Cincinna, He DENIES the story of the $35,000 suit. How is that evidence of poor judgment. As for Palin, it was she who went on a multi-thousand dollar shopping spree in NYC shortly after anointment by McCain.

meshplate said...

All rumors about one's supposed enemies are true; the opposite is so about those one imagines as friends.

Anonymous said...

FranceSoir apparently called the tailor yesterday and recorded the conversation where he said he HAD sold 3 suits to DSK. So now the whole thing is going to turn into "DSK lied because he's ashamed he's rich".


Now, the cost of a handmade suit for the IMF's president isn't that surprising. Seriously, who thought he'd walk to Walmart and buy a polyester tie to match his no-brand pants? The guy's rich. Like, buying-a-house-cash rich. AND he gets a "representation allowance", meaning said suits don't come out of his salary but are considered expected expenses for someone in his position.

This is all ridiculous.

To make matters worse, the PR guy is now claiming conspiracy, when apparently it's pretty easy to know who drives what when the car is a Porsche. Apparently the leak comes from a wholly unpolitical source; I bet Khiroun paraded around in his Porsche before, perhaps boasted, and that came in handy at the right moment.