Friday, May 20, 2011

France2 Does Its Job

I just watched the France2 JT de 20h, which is aired here at 6PM. Laurent Delahousse had two French lawyers accredited to the NY bar to explain American procedure, and they were excellent. After all the astonishingly stupid and obtuse things I have read and heard today about American justice, it was good to see at least one French news operation do its job professionally and correctly. Bottom line: there is nothing unusual or brutal about Dominique Strauss-Kahn's treatment by the police or the court. So far, the case has unfolded in a totally "normal" manner, said one of the lawyers. He repeated the word: "normal." May the French hear this and calm down.

I did my own small bit in a brief interview on France24, which aired at midnight, ensuring that no one will hear it.


meshplate said...

They were good. And again another breath of fresh air to hear people who know what they are talking about speak with measure and authority. Let's hope they give them a permanent place to comment on the case as it progresses.

Why journalist went to Badinter, BHL, Finkielkraut and Lang for their opinion is is beyond me.

meshplate said...

I think the reality is perhaps finally beginning to sink in that DSK is really in very deep trouble indeed. No amount of screaming and carrying on is going to change that one iota. Shame on those who continue to deny it.

A real debate about the system that produced DSK could be a tonic for France since this scandal touches on the deeply anti-democratic problems that seem build into the French system. That's not to say that we don't have horrible inequalities in our own country. We have winner take all capitalism, in France it's elites take all privilege.

Perhaps this scandal will shock the electorate more about that and bring about some real reaction, but I doubt it. The world will likely continue on it unhappy course.

MYOS said...

I saw the segment and found it excellent.

The electorate IS shocked and IS seeing this as another example of an elite that treats others like aristocrats used to treat (abuse) subjects before the revolution. Even rank-and-file PS members. Except for those whose hopes rested on DSk - and some quickly went to Hollande as their next savior - the PS sympathizers and party members I talked to all saw a system that kept hidden from them a truth "all" journalists and politicians knew and where people at the top cover for each other.
I don't know whether anything positive will come of it, but let us hope so.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the lawyers on France2 were very good. I'm not sure if the gravity of DSK's legal situation has sunk in here yet. Unless his lawyers pull an OJ Simpson - which will be tough before a New York City jury - DSK will almost certainly do at least some prison time, even if he cops a plea bargain. I don't think people here realize this. It will be a huge shock.


Kirk said...

I caught most of it, and the two lawyers were the opposite of sensationalist.

@Arun, I don't see why it would be any harder (or easier) to "pull an OJ Simpson" in NYC. We New Yorkers may be tough, but a jury is a selection of potential jurors, so defense attornies can weed out the toughest ones.

As for jail time, yes; I think even a plea bargain would get him 10 years or more, with potential parole after, what, 5 years perhaps? I wonder when his attorneys will wonder whether this isn't the best choice. After all, I'm sure he'd end up in a cushy prison, given his status.