Sunday, May 15, 2011

French Reactions to DSK Arrest

Here. And here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Art,
Some articles I found interesting:
- excellent article in English by Newsweek/Dailbeast; they bring up the "barbouze" hypothesis and respond

- A recap about Dsk's "past", including an attempted rape upon a 22-year old in his relatives' family - this lends credence to the maid's allegations

- French discomfort about the line between "private life" and "element of public life"; the comments are very interesting in my opinion

- Entrapment?

- According to Atlantico, DSK should leave his IMF position this afternoon:


Anonymous said...

Hi Art,
Some articles I found interesting...
- According to Atlantico, DSK should officially leave his IMF position this afternoon

- DSk's friends walloped morning

- Pierre Haski about French journalists discomfort with "private life" matters and the line with "necessary public knowledge"; the comments are really interesting
(That seems fairly simple to me: mistresses are private, sexual assault isn't.)

- RUE89 recaps DSk's "history" with women, including an attempted rape upon a 22-year old from his relatives' family (she was kept quiet by her mother, a PS elected official):


Anonymous said...

Sorry, this is the Atlantico article

Anonymous said...

Hm, I guess my post with other articles is either deleted by Art or automatically as it's the second time I've tried posting it.

Art, if it isn't by you, can you let me know so that I post the links two by two?

If it is, then I apologize.

Anonymous said...

Well, errm, the links have appeared above...twice. Sorry.

apparently the maid has been employed at the hotel for quite a few years and thus wasn't just "planted" by "barbouzes".

Anonymous said...

Ah, but good conspiracy theorist can explain away anything like that. For example, that Sarkozy planted her there when he was elected, just in case...

Arthur Goldhammer said...

Look, without being a "good conspiracy theorist," I can say that the length of her employment doesn't prove a thing. She could have been paid to make the charge precisely because she was in a position to do so. I'm not arguing that this is what happened, but I am saying that your logic is faulty, and a good lawyer would have a field day with that kind of argument.

Anonymous said...

She can have been paid, sure, but there goes the idea that was flying around in some French circles that the maid had been "planted" by the barbouzes.

If she's worked there for a long time, she'd indeed be the right person to pay off. It seems risky since she seemed to have a garanteed position and in this economy it's not common, BUT if the money was right, why not? Even trusted employees go rogue.

Anonymous said...

French reaction on Le Monde's website....
(My reaction: how OLD is that guy? or is he for real? He sounds like he's justifying rape with pretty sentences. Unless I'm mistaken he's using pretty words to say sexual assault is okay otherwise people wouldn't have sex... Apparently "to let him have his way" is okay? I mean it sounds like something a guy might have said in the 1970s and even then I'm not sure it'd have flown...?)

DSK n'est pas un violeur. Mais il fait partie de ces personnes qui vont un peu trop loin, avec des gestes, en espérant qu'elles finiront pas susciter le désir, et qu'on les laissera faire.
Parfois ça marche, parfois non. Dans ce cas il n'insiste pas davantage. Mais ça peut suffire à humilier l'autre. La justice peut difficilement répondre à ces cas limites.
Aurions-nous les mêmes bonheurs si jamais l'un des deux ne prenait l'initiative d'un début de transgression?

Cincinna said...

If planted and/or bribed she would face losing her job and criminal charges herself for filing a false Police report. If she ever testified under oath, she could face Perjury charges and prison time.
Almost all these hotel employees are recent immigrants, Hispanic or Asian. If that is the case, she would face deportation.
As to opinion coming from France: sex crimes, sexual harrassment, assault, are not viewed in the same way. Look at the hero status of the convicted child rapist Roman Polanski and child molester Woody Allen.
Where are the French feminists? The victims' rights advocates/attorneys?
Where is the French Gloria Allred?