Saturday, May 21, 2011

French Women Bloggers on the DSK Scandal

Here. (h/t HF)


MYOS said...

Tristane Banon's mother explains:

rogerg said...

Some additional corroboration here from a French female journalist -

MYOS said...

Just heard on C+, about the plaintiff and the investigators who look into her life:
"sa moralité et sa sexualité seront autant d'éléments versés au dossier chargé d'éxonérer DSK"
I thought that "morality" and "sex life" weren't admissible in American courts unless they provide.

Journalists on France5 "médias" have a little, polite debate about "l'omerta".
They all mention "friendly pressures" from DSK's friends whenever they wanted to mention something. (Apparently the "4" had access to covers and articles ahead of time.)
Barbier gives an example: "They were insistent 'you're going to be ridiculous with that cover, by the time it goes to print he'll be free and the so-called victim proved a liar, you'll have to chuck it all"...
They now admit that he was "un harcelleur" but they say "we couldn't imagine he was violent" .... It sounds like the story of the three little monkeys.
At the same time, they admit that things need to change. The silver lining Art was talking about might finally be on its way...
Christophe Barbier: "il faut changer le machisme qui fait qu'on pense plus à DSK qu'à sa victime présumée, et il faut en finir avec la politique comme "la" séduction de femmes."
Another one: "'Quand l'un de nous est frappé nous sommes tous frappés' dit Martine Aubry, mais ce n'était pas une catastrophe naturelle, quelque chose qui est tombé sur DSK... on pardonne à un ami mais on n'excuse pas ses crimes! on a tout confondu pendant ces quelques jours: harcèlement, séduction, viol."

Conclusion: Can American journalists teach us something?
Images then about tabloids and the scandal of British tabloids that had wiretapped politicians.
... hm, that's not what I was expecting.

MYOS said...

... unless they pertain to the witness' or defendent's or plaintiff's credibility.
(sorry, skipped the end of my sentence.)