Sunday, May 15, 2011

Haski's Take

Pierre Haski sees Hollande as the man to watch.


bernard said...

Please, the only reason Haski can mention Hollande is that Hollande happened to be second to DSK in opinion polls, which at this stage essentially reflected the media noise that each presumptive candidate was making.

Presidential politics are not about media noise, they are not about "bon mots". Hollande, a true socialist, does not have even one day of ministerial experience. The socialist candidate will be set against a pro politician, with the characteristics of a pre-fascist and no scruples whatsoever. Good man as he is is, Hollande does not stand a single chance.

And, by way, to go back on one of your older posts, I would do exactly like Fabius, I would not choose between a pre-fascist and a post-fascist. They are blanc bonnet, bonnet blanc as Duclos might have said. Whereas, in 2002, it took me aproximately five seconds to decide to vote Chirac as I discovered the results of the first round. And most of my friends are with me on this: we who have foreign relatives have seen and witnessed exactly what a permissive attitude to xenophobia and rascism has brought about in the country we used to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

A tweet I got from journalist BRP (who was on tv yesterday)
B_Roger_Petit Bruno Roger-Petit
Si #DSk n'y va pas, le PS devrait renoncer à la Primaire. Sinon...