Friday, May 20, 2011

Inaccurate Reporting of DSK Affair

Discussed here.


bernard said...

My point exactly: this is the basis on which we all judge him innocent or guilty.

On one of the mistakes, namely the "brother" from harlem. That is amusing, because, you see, in Africa (I live there, I do know), people who are broadly from the same place will call each other, affectionately, brother or sister. It has absolutely no biological implication. So, in this case, as they are far away from their original country, my guess would be that all it means is that they are from the same african country. Then ignorant journalists run with it and the rest of the world trusts the newspaper article blindly. Quite a sad joke indeed.

Anonymous said...


" Et on lui avait refusé [sa libération] à la fois probablement parce que le juge essayait de faire sa publicité en pensant à la prochaine élection, puisqu'il est élu, ..."

Alain Duhamel (but also Badinter and many others, ad nauseam)

In fact:

Hon. Melissa C. Jackson
Supervising Judge, Criminal Court, New York County, Appointed by Chief Administrative Judge Ann Pfau, 2008 to present

And why do socialists fear popular vetting so much anyways?

Also, I find this one delicious, Judge Melissa Jackson repeatedly characterized, with a whiff of terror , as "républicaine et protestante" .. a psychoanalysis of the french collective catholic psyche would be in order