Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Interview in Tablet

Tablet, a magazine devoted to contemporary Jewish life, features an excellent blog called The Scroll (full disclosure: the blogger, Marc Tracy, is a second cousin of mine). Today, Marc interviews me on the subject of Marine Le Pen and the implications of her ascendancy for Jews in France and elsewhere.

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Anonymous said...

Why, oh why this old canard about Nicolas Sarkozy having a Jewish mother, so beloved of both anti-semites and philo-semites and which started around 2005, won't die away ? Sarko was baptised and brought up as a Catholic, and so was his mother, daughter of a Savoyard Catholic mother and of a doctor of Ottoman origins who converted from Judaism to Catholicism before marrying.

Also, I noticed that, in recent months, the anglophone press is repeatedly hinting that the Front National has moved from anti-semitism to anti-islamism, which is nonsense. Their main target always was Arabs, with the occasional anti-semitic zinger but a sideline.