Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lagarde Seems to Be Gaining

In a wholly untransparent process--business as usual--Europeans seem to be coalescing around Christine Lagarde to head the IMF. I imagine that the reason for this, apart from Mme Lagarde's undoubted managerial competence (I'm not so sure about her economic expertise), is that she is the figure who divides Europe the least in a moment of crisis, both at the IMF and in regard to debt in the PIGS. But I wonder if the IMF people read Mediapart. (I haven't read it myself, because I'm not yet a subscriber, but I think I'm about to take the plunge. Does anyone want to dissuade me from spending my hard-earned cash?)


meshplate said...

Not a subscriber either Art, but at 1 Euro for the first 15 days, it's about the only good deal I've seen in France!

Anonymous said...

well worth the price.
investigative journalism and opinions. From a variety of liberal perspectives.
Plus an English edition for English speakers.

Liz said...

As a France specialist, you really should be reading Mediapart. They consistently scoop the mainstream media.

Anonymous said...

If they want to make sure the IMF has a Brazilian or Indian Chief, they picked right.
WHO in their right mind can imagine the IMF, embroiled in such a scandal, could pick a person who is embroiled in a potential financial scandal?

In other news, Claude Guéant thinks that if DSk were convicted and sentenced to jail time, he should spend it in France. He also uses the distasteful expression "trousser une domestique" which kinds of voids his pretend-concern for the victim.

FrédéricLN said...

Mediapart: You can resign at any time (with 1 month delay). So, it's worth a try.

And yes, the Tapie affair is awful. I already thought it was bad, but yesterday I read the report of Cour des Comptes as downloaded on Mediapart website, and it is really stupéfiant / ébouriffant / aberrant / sorry, I haven't the word in english for that (dazzling???).

Anonymous said...

Would you prefer the economically illiterate, bankster's friend Gordon Brown?

At least Mme Lagarde is an intelligent and highly competent lawyer -- which could be useful as the EU implodes.

MYOS said...

Anonymous 11:03: she may be intelligent, but she's got a major lawsuit hanging off her, "The Tapie Affair".
I doubt the IMF really wants
Also, the IMF isn't Europe's backyard. The choice isn't either Lagarde or Brown (not to mention Cameron stated plainly he'd veto Brown's candidacy).

MYOS said...

Another take on Lagarde-as-Head-of IMF: