Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Me on TV!

With my colleagues Laura Frader and Bill Keylor discussing the DSK case with host Emily Rooney yesterday.

I hope the image of me in the flesh doesn't shock blog readers quite as much as the image of DSK in the dock has shocked France, but there it is: the lens is merciless.


meshplate said...

Thank you for that. I learned from you that it is not established if DSK was previously booked on the Air France flight or not. This is an important matter. And of course the question of the time line remains with the attendant question of the alleged lunch. However if there is DNA evidence proving the allegations, then surely the issues of timing will perhaps become far less critical.

Arthur Goldhammer said...

I think it is now established, however. I read this morning that DSK's office at the IMF has the booking record. And it wasn't a first-class seat, as that plane has only business and premium. But these details will come out as the police investigation progresses. There is no need to spin a new theory every time some new "fact" is reported in the papers. Every newspaper account should contain the word "reportedly." Goes for me too, but one can't keep writing this over and over.

Anonymous said...


(just kidding, i knew what you looked like)


Kirby said...

I enjoyed this and found it educational, but it left me wondering . . . is this a major morning show in Boston or is it one of those small cable networks that can't be reported in the French press? Kirby

InDC said...

Nice job! And it's not every day that three French historians/scholars show up as a panel of experts on an evening news show, even on cable.