Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Michel Broué Says We Should Have Known

A very pertinent rebuke to those of us--I include myself--who took the stories about DSK too lightly, with an--hélas--all too Gallic shrug:

 Ils connaissent tous au moins une femme journaliste ou politique (en ce qui me concerne, j'en connais deux) qui leur a raconté une histoire analogue à ce que rapportait Aurélie Filippetti dans un interview il y a trois ans : les femmes, politiques et journalistes, évitent en général soigneusement de se retrouver seules avec DSK, par peur de tentatives de drague "très lourdes, très appuyées"....On a ri jaune, ou on s'est indigné, quand Stéphane Guillon conseillait aux femmes de se mettre aux abris lors de la venue de DSK à France Inter, alors que tout le monde savait bien pourquoi Guillon disait cela.


Kirk said...

Yea, but my guess is that your attitude was "it's none of my business." The problem is that, in France, sexual harrassement is not considered a serious issue, so people may simply ignore such things.

It's hard to know if DSK was on a slippery slope where he was so used to getting women that he just went over the line and felt that he could do what he wanted with impunity. Without having any knowledge of this, the many quotes I've seen suggest that he has been close to forcing sex on women many times, and none have complained.

The French attitude toward men's power over women is retrograde, and one can hope that, because of this incident, not only will the press and politicians speak out more, but women also will feel they have the right to complain and be treated with dignity.

Once again, though, I question Aubry's sagacity in allowing someone like DSK to be a potential candidate. If "everyone knew," then she knew as well. She has committed a serious political error, and should resign.

meshplate said...

My now constant refrain is why are many fleeing reality through conspiracy theories that excuse him? - politicians and intellectuals who seem to think stepping off into the phantasmagorical ether is a proof of that they are dupes to no man. WOW!

French women said...

I'm a french woman and i have read what is said on this blog and your comments because i feel like it's impossible to have any objective information here in France.

My english isn't very good, but i'll try my best...

Your totally wright when you say that in france, sexual harcellement is quite unknown compared to the US. To be honnest, the population doesn't know anything about DSK's like (excepted he spends very much money and likes woman) and many of us were about to vote for him as a president because he had the charism for and because he looks like someone clever enough to deal with the financial crisis.

Most of all, many of the people here really think that he hasn't do anything and believe in a conspiracy theories specially because the truth about other women has been hidden.

Now i really think that's it's possible he could have done what he's accused for... Hope the american justice will tell us more about it.

Berthold said...

I'm French too, and I am surprised at the arrogance of some American commentators on this blog. I read that the French would not take the issue of sexual harassment seriously. However, since 1992 France has specific legislation on this issue. Maybe we do not have the same conception of sexual harassment than the United States. Surely Americans can be offended by certain behaviors accepted in France, as the French may be shocked to the place of firearms or prison policy of the United States.
However, rape is a crime in France and the French criminal courts (cours d'assises) deal mainly with sexual offenses.
This DSK's case is a shock in France. For many people the first reaction was disbelief: the conspiracy theory is almost less unbelievable that the version of the NYPD. It takes a little time, but if the facts are confirmed I think most French people will accept it.
Finally, I invit Americans people to imagine a situation in reverse: an American diplomat involved in a rape case in France. Nobody would speak of the possibility of a plot? Nobody would criticize the French judicial system?

Anonymous said...

Kirk: I don't think "none have complained", but rather that "none have sued"
Apparently, Ramzi Khiroun, he of Porsche fame, is a very efficient enforcer.
But we may also think that there was nothing that let anyone predict he'd go over the line, either by willful blindness or by actual lack of knowledge.

Anonymous said...


Someone disagrees with Art and Broué, I think.

catherine.gremion said...

OK, DSK's reputation with women is a fact, but is it impossible to think that, knowing those tendencies, some provocations has ben organised to bring him to a more serious trouble ?

I can't help thinking of some kind of 'piege'