Monday, May 9, 2011

Montebourg Does Proudhon

Among his "ideas and dreams" Arnaud Montebourg calls for a "mutual, cooperatist capitalism." This was a bold new idea circa 1840, when Pierre-Joseph Proudhon published What Is Property? (hint: the answer rhymes with "bereft"). Today, not so much, but Montebourg weaves it handsomely into his stemwinder (viewable below).

In Serge Moati's docudrama about Mitterrand, he has Mitterrand explain why he won't shake hands with Giscard before their last debate: "Because you can't detest a man whose hand you've shaken." Well, I've not only shaken Arnaud Montebourg's hand, I've broken bread with him and chatted about French politics and American charter schools while walking around Boston's Back Bay. Nice guy, I can't detest him, so I'll offer this bit of friendly advice: "Your campaign looks a bit like Mitt Romney's, too slick by half. And this is not intended as a compliment."

le clip de campagne d'Arnaud Montebourg by idees_reves

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