Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Musical Interlude


thisnameisinuse said...

On that note, here's an interesting column by Naomi Wolf criticising the treatment of DSK and comparing it with the treatment of the recent case involving two police officers:

A DSK double standard?

"By the end of the day's news cycle, New York City police spokespeople had made uncharacteristic and shockingly premature statements supporting the credibility of the victim's narrative -- before an investigation was complete.

The accused was handcuffed and escorted before television cameras -- a New York tradition known as a "perp walk." The suspect was photographed naked, which is also unusual, initially denied bail and held in solitary confinement. The Police Commissioner has boasted to the press that Strauss-Kahn is strip-searched now multiple times a day -- also unheard-of.

By the end of the second day's news cycle, senior public officials had weakened the presumption of innocence, a cornerstone of any civilized society's justice system. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was calling for Strauss-Kahn's resignation from the IMF, and Mayor Bloomberg remarked, in response to objections to Straus-Kahn's perp walk, "don't do the crime." Whatever happened in that hotel room, Strauss-Kahn's career, and his presumption of innocence, was effectively over -- before any legal process had even begun."

Anonymous said...

That is an excellent article! Everyone should read it.

Anonymous said...

Knowing the meaning of the french (slang) verb "niquer", it's even more funny!

Cincinna said...

Hilarious! Thanks for posting.

We have all been IMF’d! 
   Bravo for concentrating as much on the IMF as his sex scandal. He used them both for the same purpose.

Naomi Wolf is a notorious left wing flack. She is a fake feminist, depending on the political leaning of the offender. Notorious for collecting enormous fees for putting Al Gore in Earth Tones to appeal to the female voter and being an ardent defender of Bill Clinton's sexcapades in the Arkansas Governor's Mansion and The White House.

Alex Price said...

I found the Naomi Wolf article interesting. I had not heard the claim that while at Rikers DSK was strip-searched "multiples times a day." I can't believe that such a sensational and vivid claim would not have been widely reported. I wonder also about the accuracy of her assertion that "In 23 years of covering sex crime -- and in a city where domestic workers are raped by the score every month, often by powerful men -- I have never seen the New York Police Department snap into action like this on any victim's behalf." If she's right that there is something unusual and unusually vigorous about the NYPD's reponse in this case, what might the reasons be? On the other hand, Wolf's suggestion that DSK's case may be like Spitzer's and Assange's seems far-fetched, to put it mildly.

Anonymous said...

Well said, thisnameisinuse! The whole affair has been a mockery of justice. And I wonder how they will ever be able to form an unbiased jury on this one.

Cincinna said...

@Alex Price
    DSK received the exact same treatment as every other person 
Accused of a violent crime.
Everyone at Riker's is strip searched. This was reported everywhere in the local press. 
   Naomi Wolf is not a journalist, she is a writer/political consultant, not a reporter. Her statement that NY   is "a city where domestic workers are raped by the score every month, often by powerful men" is absurd, and an outright lie. Check the crime stats for rape in NY County.(Manhattan).
  Wolf's cockamamie kook conpiracy theories make her credibility on the subject even more suspect.  
  Naomi should stick to rehabilitating the images of her clients, like the "crazed sex poodle" she put in earth tones after he assaulted a masseuse.

Cincinna said...

Even with the hoopla & media circus from all over the world, DSK will get his day in court, and a fair trial.
As hard as it is for many to believe, most people who will show up for Jury duty never heard of DSK, and each will be under intense scrutiny and long questioning to determine if he or she can be fair and unbiased in evaluating the testimony and evidence.
Far from being a mockery of justice, our system may not be perfect, but is the best, most equitable system there is.

thisnameisinuse said...

Just to point out that it's not just 'notorious left wing flacks' who have been a little uncomfortable with what has happened:

(I don't have any view on DSK's guilt, by the way. I can't have).

Cincinna said...


 R. Emmett Tyrell, known as Bob, is Editor of The Daily Spectator, an excellent, thoughtful, and responsible magazine.
He  is a rock solid conservative thinker, and a friend.
He wrote this article before the facts were clear, and before DSK was bailed out by his wife. Nevertheless, he should know better than to print things like this: 
"... Still, he is jailed with no hope of bail and charged with several felony counts for chasing a maid around his hotel room and forcing her into various humiliating positions."
  As Whoopie would say, "this is rape-rape"; alleged, of course. 
As for Bob Barr, pseudo conservative/libertarian turned 911 Truther conspiracy theorist and discredited sour grapes kook, the less said, the better.