Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NYPD Procedures

Since myths about American police work seem to be proliferating in France, it might be useful to link to this account of the NYPD Special Victims Unit's work on the weekend of DSK's arrest. By the way, I understand that the well-known TV show about the SVU airs in France under the title "New York Unité Spéciale."


Anonymous said...

I used to find it funny that in French the Squad is special not the victims...

Excellent report by the NYT. And Linda Bairstein has written thrillers/procedurals which are translated into French.

BTW, today I heard people switch terms and stop using "seducer" for "quetard" which seems to mean 'dicker' (my translation). So things are changing here.

Arthur Goldhammer said...

You know, we're bound to hear more in coming days about DSK's piggishness, but I'd like to know more about his reputation as a great seducer. Does anyone have stories to tell of his personal charm and magnetism as opposed to his "dickishness?" Yasmina Reza, for example: it was widely reported that the "G" to whom she dedicated her book about Sarkozy was in fact her lover DSK. Surely he didn't pounce on her. So what his other personality like? I talked to someone yesterday who had witnessed him win a standing ovation from a meeting of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce while talking about socialism. Now, THAT takes some seductive power.

Anonymous said...

Frankly Arthur who cares. The man may have had a seductive side but if the fall from grace charges stick he will be undeserving of anything but opprobrium.
What is it about the Left that they feel they must pamper and care for even the most despicable of their kind?

Arthur Goldhammer said...

Well, I think anyone who cares about the theater of human life will care to have a full picture of a man who has committed, allegedly, an inexplicable act. His achievements were considerable, and his character is not summed up by his tragic flaw. So since I care about humanity, I care about the rest of DSK. I'm also quite curious about the life of the woman he allegedly assaulted, but there are reasons for protecting her anonymity--reasons that parts of the French press seem not to honor, since Le Figaro, among others, has published her name (names of sexual assault victims are not published in the US) and other outlets are publishing the picture of another woman with the same name, much to her dismay.

MYOS said...

Art, you'd be doubly appalled: they've published her name, her alleged picture, but also they went to her alleged apartment (displaying it) and interviewed the neighbors, trying to get them to say anything "interesting" about her.

DNA evidence may not be in yet, but you bet the computer system's already given its unassailable truths:
Essentially, they know whether the maid opened the door when she said she did, whether she left the door ajar, whether the door was closed from the inside or not, when DSK left his room, etc.

Also, unless I'm mistaken, people can speak after a grandjury, so there may be things leaking tonight as the grandjury's already convened (no decision will be made before Friday, I believe.)

Marcia said...

The thing is, there is so little evidence available for public analysis at this point that speculation on whether DSK is a bad guy or himself a hapless victim is really misplaced.

A judge friend of mine used to ask jury panels, when they first assembled in his court, 'How many of you have an opinion on whether the defendant is innocent or guilty?' Of course, no one raised a hand. The jurors didn't want to be accused of pre-judging the case. But the judge pointed out that every one of them should have an opinion, and it should be that the defendant is INNOCENT. And so he is, until the evidence proves otherwise.

As I've said before: Remember Kobe Bryant.

So, maybe I shall be proved wrong, but right now,